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Winter Newsletter (No.12)

December 2006

Holiday greetings to all members and participants in HERODOT. This is the latest e-newsletter with lots of information and great resources for teaching Geography in higher education. This issue also provides you with information about a large number of Geography events in 2007 and it reports on the latest and forthcoming HERODOT activities. The newsletter also has some details of funding for conferences and activities and information about geography in the news.

If you have any news, are involved in events, want provide feedback or you are prepared to promote the network, then contact Karl Donert.

HERODOT news - Funding - Geographical News - great Geography resources - Events and conferences 2007-2008

New Project funded - Network news - HERODOT events

The HERODOT II network project was successful in its application for European funding for 2006-2009. The Steering group recently met in Barcelona to prepare future actions and activities. If you would like to know more please contact the Project Manager Glenda Wall  (wallg@hope.ac.uk).

Professor Wojciech Widacki
With great sorrow we inform you, that Professor Wojciech Widacki died on Sunday, 29th October 2006.  He struggled with his illness for a long time. Wojciech was a founding member of HERODOT and served on the Steering group through the first phase of the project. With his passing we have lost a great friend of HERODOT, a scientist, teacher, and friend, who was always eager to face new challenges in geography and education.

IGU Congress and INLT Several HERODOT members presented papers at the IGU congress in Brisbane in July 2007 and some we nt on to participate in the INLT conference which followed.

The Torun conference “Teaching in Europe, Teaching about Europe” took place in Poland on October 5-8 2006. The presentations will shortly be available on the new Web site and the papers will be published early in the new year.

HERODOT organised an education track at the recent ESRi User conference held on November 5-8th in Athens, Greece.  Presentations and publications will shortly be published and available through the Web site. A GIS publication from these and other papers is in preparation.

Karl Donert spoke at the South East Asian Geographical Association conference, held in Singapore, November 26-29th 2006. He spoke on the issues of citizenship in geographical education for sustainable development.

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Thematic Pillar workshops
the first of these will be held in Sofia (TP4) January 5-7, 2007. Contact Karl Donert if you wish to attend.

Joint HERODOT/IGU Conference: There will be a HERODOT/ IGU Commission for Geographical Education British Sub-Committee conference on the theme “Changing Geographies: Innovative Curricula” at the Institute of Education, University of London on 10-11 April 2007, with an optional London field excursion on 12 April to the site of the London Olympics included in the conference fee of £240.  Abstracts of papers should be sent to Glenda Wall (wallg@hope.ac.uk. Full papers to be submitted by 31 January 2007.

Delegates will book their own accommodation, but information about this can be found on the Web site http://hopelive.hope.ac.uk/international/karld/IGU/

Main HERODOT Conference 24-27 September 2007, Stockholm. held jointly with ESRI Europe, further information and details to follow

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This section provides information on funds available for Geographers. You can contact Karl Donert if you want informal advice on any applications you are considering. HERODOT News aims to provide members will useful information concerning opportunities to access funds to further collaboration and for projects. Funding workshops are planned in the future, contact Karl Donert if you would like to participate.

GeoAmericas conference support There are grants available to support delegates who wish to attend the Geography in the GeoAmericas conference organised by the AAG, which takes place in Chile 21-26 May 2007, for more information visit http://www.geographyintheamericas.com/funding.php

WWF Kathryn Fuller Fellowships 2007-2008
World Wildlife Fund announced the opening of its 2007-2008 Kathryn Fuller Fellowship competition. Two post-doctoral fellowships will be awarded for a two year period to individuals with outstanding research proposals that are of fundamental and immediate importance to global biodiversity conservation. Fuller Fellows can be based at any institution, including at World Wildlife Fund, and will co-advised by one academic and one WWF mentor. Fellows are provided a stipend of $50,000 per year, as well as a $15,000 annual research allowance. Applicants should have received a doctorate degree between January 2002 and January 2007. For more information, application guidelines, and on-line application forms, please visit www.worldwildlife.org/sfn

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National Scholarship Programme of the Slovak Republic.
he National scholarship programme has been established for the support of mobility of students, PhD. students, university teachers and researchers under the terms of MINERVA programme. MINERVA is official governmental programme to pursue activities to support development of so called knowledge-based economy in Slovakia. Detailed information and application form is available at the Slovak Academic Information Agency (SAIA) website http://www.sala.sk/eng/

Tourism Cares for Tomorrow Worldwide Grant Program
As part of its mission, Tourism Cares for Tomorrow distributes charitable grants to worthy tourism-related non-profit organizations worldwide. http:ourismcaresfortomorrow.org

Geographical Association International Initiatives Fund
Awards (usually £250-£750) are available for individual Geography educators or for GA members to travel and exchange ideas of good practice in teaching and learning. Each year some awards are also given to educators from outside the UK so they can attend the Annual GA conference (held in April each year).
Closing date for application is 30th April each year, for the academic year starting the following September. For details and application form see the GA Web site at http://www.geography.org.uk/funding or contact Sarah Maude sarah@maudes.net

New Lifelong learning project opportunities - the European Commission will announce the new funding opportunities under the lifelong learning programme (2007-2013) before Christmas. Many funding possibilities exist, for higher education, teacher training and professional development. The deadline for most applications will be 30 March 2007.

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Special Issue of Journal of Geography
, Using Geospatial Data in Geographic Education July 2007. Manuscripts may focus on aspects of teaching geography at any level.  The emphasis of this issue is not on teaching remote sensing or GIS, but on using such data and technologies to provide instruction in the principles of geography. Details for preparing manuscripts are outlined in The Journal of Geography Guide for Authors http://www.ncge.org/publications/journal/. Submission to Dr. James W. Merchantjmerchant1@unl.edu

Human Development International
The Human Development International Webteam invites the submission of fresh articles (news and feature stories) about human development issues like women, children, health, environment, etc., whether in a local or global viewpoint, which will be published at http://www.humandevintl.com/

Ecological and Environmental Anthropology (EEA) http://www.uga.edu/eea, is an online, peer-reviewed publication, has announced a call for submissions. The mission of EEA is to engage in the exploration of the complex, dynamic, and multifaceted relationships between humans and their social and physical environments. Electronic submissions are preferred and should be sent to: eea@uga.edu.


IGU News
The 2008 International Geographical Congress on Construire ensemble nos territories will take place from 12th-15th August 2008 at the Kram Exhibition Centre, Tunis Further details to be available soon. The 2010 IGU Regional Conference will take place in Tel Aviv

Geography in Australia Suffers
Secondary students in Australia selecting geography as their major has dropped in half over the past decade. "The Nation" reports that students are instead choosing other social science subjects over geography. http://glclk.about.com/?zi=12/2hv5

Benchmarking UK higher education is reviewing the benchmarking statements for Geography, they can be found at :http://www.qaa.ac.uk/news/consultation/default.asp

UK Government funded Action Plan for Geography
This is jointly and equally led by the GA and the Royal Geographical Society. Go to www.geography.org.uk/apg, a new Geography Teaching Today website will be launched.

Google Map Creator has just been released. It is a freeware application designed to make thematic maps using Google Maps simpler. The software is part of the GeoVUE Project
http://www.casa.ucl.ac.uk/projects/projectDetail.asp?ID=57. Read the information at http://www.casa.ucl.ac.uk/news/newsStory.asp?ID=135 and get the software at

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EU enlargement
Brussels to urge 'major' PR drive on EU enlargement http://euobserver.com/9/22563/?rk=1

Thinkquest International competition
Oracle Education Foundation invites Students and Teachers to Take Part in ThinkQuest International, Deadline: April 16, 2007, (http://www.oraclefoundation.org/). The educational contest is open to students between the ages of 9 and 19 and their teacher-coaches from anywhere in the world. The program promotes collaboration and cross-cultural learning by encouraging students to team with peers in other regions to develop Web sites on educational topics. Prizes include laptops, digital cameras and $1000 school grants. Visit http://fconline.foundationcenter.org/pnd/10004128/thinkquest

FAO News http://www.fao.org/newsroom/en/news/2006/1000393/index.html

Forest News Stories
World Bank says illegal logging costs US$10 billion-a-year
http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2006/9/16/apworld/20060916193809&sec=apworld OR http://tinyurl.com/krvkl
Kenya: Families Lay Claim to Disputed Forest Land
South Africa: Forests Vital for Economic Growth
Forest Grabbing a Threat to Tanzania, Kenyan Economies
Mabira Forest Must Remain Intact
Fire spreads in northeast China virgin forest
http://english.eastday.com/eastday/englishedition/nation/userobject1ai2329357.html OR http://tinyurl.com/s4mcl

Water for millions at risk as glaciers melt away
The Gangotri glacier, which gives birth to the Bhagirath, the main tributary of the Ganges, is fast retreating. http://tinyurl.com/yyl9q6

Amazon and Sahara linked. Scientists have shown that the Amazon rainforest depends on dust from one tiny area of the Sahara desert to restock its soil with nutrients and minerals. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/10/31/rainforest_dust_link

Many companies that have developed a strategy for addressing climate change anticipate that a US federal law regulating greenhouse gas emissions could take effect as early as 2010, according to a new report released by the Pew Center on Global Climate Change. http://tinyurl.com/ycjys3

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Monsoons may trigger major landslides
World Conservation Union (IUCN), the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) and CARE International has issued an alert against a serious environmental hazard in earthquake affected areas. This is on the hazard of landslides, especially in the wake of the coming monsoons. According to the experts working in the field, this was "the most serious geotechnical (landslides) threat worldwide at present". The full text of alert bulletin and pictures are available at: http://www.iucn.org/places/pakistan/ne54.htm

Global Warming Singes Western US National Parks http://www.mri.scnatweb.ch/dmdocuments/RMCO_Release___Losing_Ground_20060725.doc
Climate Disruption Threatens America's Treasures, a report from the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization, released on July 25. Download the article:

Norwegian glaciers shrinking

Dying glaciers draw curious to Alpine peaks in Switzerland, http://tinyurl.com/tnv94

UNCCD (United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification):
The World Day to Combat Desertification is celebrated every year on 17 June all over the world in order to highlight the fact that desertification is of global concern and to strengthen the visibility and importance of the drylands issue on the international environmental agenda. http://www.unccd.int/

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Development, sustainability and management

Mediterranean Threatened by Development Pressures
The results of the work of many experts from Mediterranean countries, is the new Blue Plan publication which provides analyses of the past, present and possible future, up to 2025, of the environment and development of the Mediterranean basin.  The study also recommends solutions for minimizing damage http://www.planbleu.org/actualite/uk/aveniDurableMediterranee.html  

African policy makers are looking at new ways to promote economic growth, including tourism. Development experts say the sector can help reduce poverty with employment opportunities, and attract foreign exchange. http://voanews.com/english/2006-10-18-voa35.cfm

Table Mountain National Park's draft management framework Pressure groups say they are dismayed http://tinyurl.com/yzelxa and http://tinyurl.com/ulvb3

Ancestors of Ngati Tuwharetoa gifted the 79,500 ha mountainous area to the Crown in 1887 in New Zealand - creating the country's first National Park. Maori now want a greater role in in managing Tongariro National Park which they believe is suffering from overuse and desecration.

A Multipronged Approach to Ensuring Food Security in Italy, http://www.idrc.ca/reports/ev-104444-201-1-DO_TOPIC.html

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Longevity and Demographics, As a national group, Italians already outlive most other Europeans and Marche, on the eastern slopes of the Apennines, seems to be the place where conditions combine to produce maximum longevity. http://ansa.it/main/notizie/awnplus/english/news/2006-10-27_12710680.html

A report published by the World Wildlife Foundation claims that the only country in the world with "sustainable development" is Cuba, http://tinyurl.com/ycl53m

Palaeontologists have completed a study that explains why the tropics are so much richer in biodiversity than higher latitudes. http://chronicle.uchicago.edu/061019/biodiversity.shtml

Satellite-Photo Atlas Uses Digital Globe to Show Eco Damage, National Geographic News. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2006/10/061023-environment-map.html or http://tinyurl.com/yf5xhq

The Cambrian Mountains in Wales is aiming to brand itself as a marketable destination in order to boost tourist numbers and compete with similar sites across the UK. http://tinyurl.com/wpbwc

Monarch haven: A haven for monarch butterflies in Mexico and prime dugong habitat in Vietnam are among 25 new sites that UNESCO has added to its Man and the Biosphere program, which places biosphere reserves under the stewardship of local communities. http://www.ens-newswire.com/ens/oct2006/2006-10-30-05.asp

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International Polar Year
(IPY, 2007-2008) http://www.ipy.org/
The polar regions are a unique barometer of environmental change and provide important insights into the health of the planet as a whole. It will provide a uniquely comprehensive ‘snapshot’ of measurements for comparison with previous and future records to inform our knowledge of changing planetary processes. A Joint Committee has been established jointly with the World Meteorological Organization to oversee the implementation of this plan and coordination of activities.  
International Year of Planet Earth 2008 http://www.yearofplanetearth.org/
The International Year of Planet Earth (IYPE) was proclaimed by the United Nations. This UN Year is the core year of the 2007-2009 triennium during which the International Year of Planet Earth (Earth Science for Society) will operate. This will be the first ever UN Year for the Earth Sciences. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) will organize activities to be undertaken during the Year, in collaboration with UNEP and other relevant United Nations bodies, the International Union of Geological Sciences and other Earth sciences societies and groups throughout the world. The Year will be used to increase awareness of the importance of Earth sciences in achieving sustainable development and promoting local, national, regional and international action. Calls are open now for submitting international project proposals on the outreach programme and on selected science themes.


SOME GREAT RESOURCES (in no particular order)

Interesting Boundaries
With 193 countries of the world bordering each other, there are bound to be interesting borders between neighbouring countries. http://glclk.about.com/?zi=12/2hv4

Linking and Learning Europe
On 31 May 2006 the Linking and Learning Europe (LLE) project came to an end. It created learning objects and teaching modules for schools on Europe.
and Webquests:
All the modules teachers designed are now stored in a repository:

Mountain GIS Portal
This platform is aimed at sharing and exchanging geographic information and knowledge resources of mountain ecosystems and services. Visit http://www.icimod-gis.net,

Atlas of Our Changing Environment
An interactive view of environmental change. http://na.unep.net/digital_atlas2/google.php

Himalayan Environment Trust websites: http://www.himalayanenvironment.org  and http://www.incrediblehimalayas.com

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Demographics from About.com
Negative Population Growth The latest data from the Population Reference Bureau shows that there are twenty countries in the world with negative or zero natural population growth.  http://glclk.about.com/?zi=12/2%5D%5BW
10 Largest Countries in 2050 The largest countries halfway through this century will be different from the largest countries today. Take a look at: http://glclk.about.com/?zi=12/2%5D%5BX
World's Highest AIDS Rates African countries encompass all of the countries with the world's highest AIDS rates: http://glclk.about.com/?zi=12/2%5D%5BY

Eurydice The Eurydice European Unit have a new web site: http://www.eurydice.org which provides access to the full versions of all Eurydice studies in several languages and contains maps, tables and diagrams providing information about European education systems at all levels from pre-primary to higher and adult education.

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International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
The International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Volume 18, Number 1.  Special issue on: Future Directions for Service Learning in Higher Education, is now available at: http://www.isetl.org/ijtlhe/current.cfm

New book: Daniela Schmeinck (Hrsg.): Research on Learning and Teaching in Primary
Geography (Karlsruher pädagogische Studien 7), 1. Auflage – Norderstedt 2006
ISBN 3-8334-5298-6, Books on Demand GmbH, Norderstedt, 187 Seiten, 12,95 Euro

Mapping New Terrain. Climate Change and America's West, The Consortium for Integrated Research in Western Mountains (CIRMOUNT), July 2006 Download the publicarion: http://www.fs.fed.us/psw/publications/documents/psw_misc077/psw_misc077.pdf

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Education for All Global Monitoring Report 2007 launched by UNESCO, see the report, background papers etc at http://www.efareport.unesco.org

World Water 2nd UN World Water Development Report 'Water, a shared responsibility': Chapter 10: Managing Risks: Securing the Gains of Development [PDF format - 1.29 KB] http://www.unesco.org/water/wwap/wwdr2/pdf/wwdr2_ch_10.pdf

The Alps of the Next Generation, Conference proceedings have been published in English, document the findings with more than 80 abstracts of the lectures, poster presentations and workshops. http://epub.oeaw.ac.at/alpweek2004

Hazards Conference 2006 papers
The HAZARDS-2006 conference was held from 22 to 24 June 2006. Papers and abstracts are available at the conference site http://hazards2006.geology.upatras.gr/

ESA-school-atlas available for purchase, EUR 24,80 (without postage)

Conservation Across Borders
. Charles C. Chester. For more information visit: http://islandpress.org/chester 272 pages | $29.95 paperback | $60.00 hardcover

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Kiweo for European Students, Young Digital Creator Educator's Kit, UNESCO

UNESCO has put out a Young Digital Creator (YDC) Educator's Kit. The kit is "designed to help teachers and educators working in schools, youth clubs, community centres, and training institutes to generate and manage project-based learning activities with young people. The focus is on the creative use of information and communication technologies, global challenges of development, cultural diversity and inter-cultural dialogue." Viisit http://unesco.uiah.fi/ydc-book/

Powerpoints of UNEP's Atlas One Planet, Many People: Atlas of Our Changing Environment provides a comprehensive, visual presentation of scientifically verifiable information about changes in the global environment, shown through state-of-the-art remote sensing technology. A collection of 405 Powerpoint slides divided into Regional and Thematic sets covering 11 contemporary and dynamic themes * Introduction to the Planet, People and Planet, Atmosphere, Coastal Areas, Urban Areas, Water and Lakes, Forests, Cropland, Grassland, Tundra and Polar Areas and Extreme Events * and 6 geographical regions * Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America and Polar Regions * can now be downloaded free of charge at: http://www.na.unep.net/OnePlanetManyPeople/powerpoints.html
Wikis in Education

Wots a wiki? A wiki is essentially a website constructed in such a way as to allow users to change content on the site. The first wiki was created in 1994 and placed online in 1995, used mostly by technical people to develop and maintain dynamic knowledge bases. More at http://m.fasfind.com/wwwtools/m/25242.cfm?x=0&rid=25242

i2010 Digital Libraries Initiative The digital libraries initiative aims at making European information resources easier and more interesting to use in an online environment. It builds on Europe’s rich heritage combining multicultural and multilingual environments with technological advances and new business models. See http://europa.eu.int/information_society/activities/digital_libraries/index_en.htm

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LIFEnews No.06 LIFEnews deals with environmental capacity building in certain countries outside the EU. Tthe full issue is available at: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/life/news/lifeflash/lifenews06_06.htm
Download pdf http://ec.europa.eu/environment/life/news/lifeflash/alert/0606/lifenews0606.pdf

'Give Geography its Place' Campaign website The site seeks to raise the profile of Geography in all forms of the media, to increase awareness of the importance of Geography and the vital role that it plays in schools, colleges and universities in preparing young people for life in the 21st century. http://www.passion4geography.co.uk/

Conservation GeoPortal http://www.conservationmaps.org/index.jsp
The Conservation Geoportal is a collaborative effort by and for the conservation community to facilitate the discovery and publishing of geographic information systems (GIS) data and maps, to support conservation decision-making and education

Terrain models: http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0IBS/is_4_28/ai_94538585
Models in history http://www.iapad.org/history.htm

Agri-environmental portal http://www.agr.gc.ca/nlwis-snite

Web Newspaper http://webnews.textalk.com/en/schoolcampaign.php
Creating your own newspaper on the Web

Indigenous Cartography Aboriginal Mapping Network publications http://www.nativemaps.org/?q=node/1898

Natural Hazards Online Learning course (free to use) http://www.nahris.ch/ from the Swiss Virtual Campus e-learning course NAHRIS which is an acronym for "Dealing with Natural Hazards and Risks".

Water for Life’ International Decade for Action 2005–2015

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Hazards and disasters, information sources:
http://www.unesco.org/water/wwap/wwdr1/table_contents/index.shtml ,
http://www.unisdr.org/eng/task%20force/working%20groups/knowledge-education/docs/Let-our-Children-Teach-Us.pdf [PDF format - 2,73 MB].
International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR) http://www.unisdr.org/
Secretariat of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) http://www.unccd.int/
International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management (ICHARM) http://www.icharm.pwri.go.jp/
Disaster Reduction Unit of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) http://www.undp.org/bcpr/disred/index.htm
Regional Disaster Information Centre (CRID) http://www.crid.or.cr/crid/ing/index_ing.html
Associated Programme on Flood Management (APFM) http://www.apfm.info/

EnviroSci News http://www.ies-uk.org.uk/resources/newsletter.html is the new electronic publication from the Institution of Environmental Sciences. The e-newsletter provides updates regarding current issues the field of Environmental Science.

Intute. http://www.intute.ac.uk/  is 'a free online service providing access to the very best web resources for education and research'. Intute has selected and catalogued the good stuff to try and make things a little easier for researchers.  Resources are now split over 4 areas. Geography and Earth Science resources can be found in 'Science and Technology' and Environmental Science is under 'Social Sciences'.

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Student Disability Guides http://www2.glos.ac.uk/gdn/icp
10 guides about supporting disabled students have been published by the Geography Discipline Network..

Urban Geography course Joel Outtes (outtes@uol.com.br) has a full course of urban geography in powerpoint in English which he would be happy to exchange for similar teaching material of courses in other fields and sub-fields of geography, planning and social theory.

Population patterns http://www.populationaction.org/resources/publications/mappingthefuture/
Population patterns illustrated by this map created by the US NGO Population Action International (PAI) in collaboration with the Center for Climate Systems Research at Columbia University in the USA.

Smithsonian Global Sound http://www.smithsonianglobalsound.org/
"Smithsonian Global Sound" is a website created by Smithsonian Folkways that features musical recordings from around the globe. You can search by country,
cultural group, genre, instrument, language, or any combination of those five options.

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ISS Education Kit on the web
ISS Education Kit is now available to download in different languages. The resources is aimed at teachers of secondary school pupils aged 12-15. ESA has developed the kit using input from teachers.

Sarepta Sarepta is a special service provided for schools by the Norwegian Space Centre

“Threats to Water Supplies in the Tropical Andes”
R.S. Bradley, M. Vuille, H.F.Diaz, W.Vergara. In: Science, Vol. 312, June 2006, pp 1755-6 Download the article:http://www.mri.scnatweb.ch/dmdocuments/bradley2006.pdf

Secondary School Geography Handbook published
The Geographical Association (GA) is pleased to announce the publication of its brand new Secondary Geography Handbook - for Secondary School teachers. Go to http://www.geography.org.uk/shop to find out more.

Powerpoints of UNEP's Atlas released
Download free at http://tinyurl.com/gang4 or http://www.na.unep.net/OnePlanetManyPeople/powerpoints.html

Newsletter of the European SAVE Foundation
The European SAVE Foundation (Safeguard for Agricultural Varieties in Europe), containing the latest reports from the field of conservation of endangered livestock breeds and agricultural plants is available from the "actuality" page of their website:

Integrating sustainable development principles: report
Integrating sustainable development principles into professional practice: initial training requirements for environmental scientists. The report of this project is now available at: http://www.gees.ac.uk/projtheme/esd/esd.htm

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Conferences and Events 2007 - 2008

5 - 7 January - Thematic Pillar 4 workshop, meeting in Sofia, contact Karl Donert if you would like to attend.

8 - 10 January 2007 "Creativity or Conformity? Building cultures of creativity in higher education", University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, Wales.
Web: http://www.creativityconference.org

16 - 18 January, 2007 International Conference on Sustainable Development in Conflict Environments: Challenges and Opportunities in Kathmandu, Nepal. http://www.ceci.ca contact: The Secretariat, International Conference on Sustainable Development in Conflict Environments: Challenges and Opportunities, GPO Box 2959, Kathmandu, Nepal. email:incodice@ceci.org.np

23 - 27 January 2007 International Dialogue on Science and Practice in Sustainable Development: Linking Knowledge with Action, Chiang mai, Thailand, Contact: elisabeth.dyck@chello.at, http://www.sustdialogue.org/index.htm

2 February 2007 World Wetlands Day http://www.ramsar.org/wwd/6/wwd2006_index.htm

17 – 20 February, 2007, IADIS International conference, Salamance, Spain, http://www.computing-conf.org/

19 – 21 February 2007 Third Annual GIS Conference in the state of Kuwait.http://www.gulfgis.com

20 – 23 February, 2007 7th International Geomatic Week, GlobalGeo Technical Exhibition, Barcelona, Spain, see http://www.setmana-geomatica.org/commence

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7 - 9 March 2007 PAIE Conference, National University of Singapore, Asia-Pacific Association for International Education, http://www.apaie.org

7-9 March 2007, INTED2007 Conference, International Association for Technology Education and Development (IATED), http://www.iated.org/ in Valencia (Spain)

7 – 10- March, Conference, Women of the Mountains, sessions Addressing Issues Critical to Women of Developing Mountain Nations, , Orem, Utah, USA http://www.WomenoftheMountains.org

15 – 16 March 2007 Colloquium : «Pérennité urbaine ou la ville par-delà ses métamorphoses», organised by Colette Vallat, Département de géographie, UFR SSA, Université Paris 10, 200 avenue de la République, 92 000 Nanterre, email : colloque_perennite_paris10@yahoo.fr  

19 - 23 March 2007, International Symposium on Medicinal and Nutraceutical Plants, Fort Valley, Georgia, USA. Contact: josheen@fvsu.edu, http://www.ag.fvsu.edu/Conferences/ishsmanp/ismnp.htm

10 – 11 April 2007 International Geographical Union Commission for geographical Education British Sub-Committee with HERODOT. Changing Geographies: Innovative Curricula, at the Institute of Education, University of London, England. With an optional London field excursion on 12 April included in the conference fee of £240.  Web: http://hopelive.ac.uk/international/karld/IGU/  Email: wallg@hope.ac.uk   For further information: Professor Simon Catling sjcatling@brookes.ac.uk

12 – 14 April 2007
Geographical Association (UK) annual conference and exhibition at the University of Derby. See http://www.geography.org.uk/conference

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17 -21 April 2007 Association of American Geographers annual meeting in San Francisco. See:

3 – 4 May, 2007, International Geographical Union (IGU), Commission on Biogeography and Biodiversity, Seminar on Biogeography and Biodiversity, Field Trip: May 5-8, 2007, Department of Geography HNB Garhwal University, email:daliyon2002@yahoo.com

8 - 10 May 2007, International Ecological Footprint Conference, Cardiff, UK Stepping up the Pace New Developments in Ecological Footprinting Methodology, Policy & Practice, http://www.brass.cf.ac.uk, email: Dr. Andrea Collins collinsa@cardiff.ac.uk

11 - 13 May 2007, Conference of Irish Geographers at St Patrick's College, Drumcondra, Dublin 9, Ireland. http://main.spd.dcu.ie/main/academic/geography/CIG/CIGindex.shtml, e-mail cig2007@spd.dcu.ie

21 – 24 May  2007 Geography in the Americas: Collaboration on Research and Education, an international congress focused on contemporary issues in geography and geography education in North and South America, in La Serena, Chile in May 2007. There will be a 5-day, pre-conference field excursion to Northern Chile, to explore the Atacama Desert. Antiplano, Chuquicamata Copper Mine, and regional population centers, including Iquique and Antofagasta. A 4-day post-conference field trip will focus on Central Chile, the cultural nucleus of the country, and will include visits to coastal Valparaiso and the capital of Santiago.
Web:  http://www.geo.txstate.edu/grosvenor/index.html and http://www.aag.org/.

4 - 8 June, 2007: 29th International Conference on Alpine Meteorology, Chambéry, France, Contact: icam2007@cnrm.meteo.fr, URL: http://www.cnrm.meteo.fr/ICAM2007/index.php?page=first_circular.html

5 - 8 June 2007 ESEE 2007: Integrating Natural and Social Sciences for Sustainability Leipzig, Germany, Contact: esee2007@fu-confirm.de URL: http://www.esee-leipzig2007.org 

11 - 15 June 2007 Sharing Indigenous Wisdom: An International Dialogue On Sustainable Development, http://www.sharingindigenouswisdom.org, Radisson Hotel & Conference Center, Green Bay, WI, USA.

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17 June World Day to Combat Desertification http://www.ifad.org/media/events/2003/desertification.htm

30 June – 5 July 2007 8th International Conference on Computer Based Learning in Science at the Technological Educational Institute of Crete, Greece http://cblis2007.teicrete.gr

12 - 15 August 2008 31st International Geographic Congress, Tunic, Tunisia,
Contact Toumi@fshst.rnu.tn for further details.

27-30 August, 2007 Workshop: Glaciers in watershed and global hydrology, Obergurgl, Austria. Contact: regine.hock@natgeo.su.se, http://www.ees.su.se/obergurgl2007

10-13 September 2007 The Fourth International Conference on Debris-Flow Hazards Mitigation: Mechanics, Prediction, and Assessment, Chengdu , China . Contact: dfhm@imde.ac.cn. Web site: http://4thdfhm.imde.ac.cn/

18 - 21 September, 2007: International Conference: Natural Hazards and Natural Disturbances in Mountain Forests, Trento, Italy, Contact: tn07@unito.it, URL: http://www.sisef.it/sisef/iufro.php 

24 - 27 September 2007, Main HERODOT Conference Stockholm. held jointly with ESRI Europe, further information and details to follow

12 - 15 November, 2007, International Symposium on Mitigative Measures Against Snow Avalanches, Egilsstadir, Iceland. Contact: vfi@vfi.is, http://www.igsoc.org/symposia/VFI2007_1stCirc.pdf

14 November GIS Day http://www.gisday.com/

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12 -15 August 2008
2008 International Geographical Congress theme: "Construire ensemble nos territories", Kram Exhibition Centre, Tunis Further details to be available soon

If you have any news, would like to publicise events then please contact Karl Donert or Glenda Wall

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