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Winter Newsletter (No.10)
January 2006

Happy New Year! Welcome to the HERODOT Network's latest newsletter. This issue provides you with some up-to-date information on Geography news, events and activities, it reports on the latest HERODOT meetings and conferences and on the state of the network . The newsletter also has details of recent European funding opprtunities, grants and information on other projects, geographical news, events and activities as well as links to some useful Web and other resources.

If you have any news, are involved in events, provide feedback or you are prepared to promote the network, then please contact Karl Donert.

bid success -
Torun conference - EU bids - Computers in Geography workshop - IGU 2006 - AAG2006 - ESRI links - network growth

HERODOT bid success
HERODOT has successfully had it's pre-proposal for funding for a new three-year programme of activity 2006-9 approved. The full application will now need to be completed by March 1st 2006. Please get in touch if you would like more information or have ideas. We would encourage all partners to help us to fiind new members before this application is submitted. Please contact Karl Donert or Glenda Wall.

HERODOT-EUROGEO conference, Torun September 2005
This jointly held conference was wonderfully successful with delegates enjoying the wonderful hospitality and beautiful city of Torun. This large jointly organised international conference consisted of more than 50 full papers which have been peer reviewed and published. A CD of the papers and the presentations will be sent to all network members in early 2006.
Visitors to the event included members from many Geographical organisations , including the President of the Geographical Association and the American Association of Geographers (AAG) and the South East Asian Geography Society. To find out more, visit the conference pages on the EUROGEO Web site (http://www.eurogeo.org) and select Association, or visit the HERODOT home page. The event was supported by the European Commission, ESRI-Europe, Routledge and the Polish Geography Association.

2005 Funding Application and Other EU Bids
HERODOT has applied for three further years of funding from the European Commission for 2006/9. Further news about this will be available in the next newsletter. HERODOT has also applied for a Minerva project on European statistical information.

HERODOT members have developed proposals for a number of new projects in 2005. These include the Intensive Programmes of study, staff mobility, curriculum development (undergraduate and Masters level) and Minerva (Open and Distance Learning) as well as eLearning, teacher education, research and Leonardo da Vinci (professional training) projects. A Framework 6 research project on geoinformation has been submitted in July 2005. If you know of any other projects submitted from the network, please contact Karl Donert.

Computers in Geography Workshop: Brno, Czech Republic
This workshop took place in October 2005 and was attended by 20 HERODOT members. There were workshops on mobile GIS, GeoCaching, geoinformation on the Web and elearning. Information will be provided through the next HERODOT publication and via the HERODOT Web site.

HERODOT and the International Geographic Union (IGU)
Fifteen members of the HERODOT network were supported to attend the jointly held Rome IGU workshop on Cultures and Civilisation. The event enabled members of the network to meet IGU delegates from around the world. Presentations from HERODOT members were well received and a Memorandum of Understanding is expected to be signed between HERODOT and the IGU President in the coming months. The workshop will seek to propose a UN Interntional Year of Culture and Civilisation. A full report of this event can be found on the HERODOT Web site

The HERODOT coordinator Karl Donert will be attending the IGU conference in 2006 in Brisbane, Australia as par tof the National Teaching Fellowship he has been awarded by the Higher Education Academy in the UK. If any other members of the network are planning to attend, please contact Karl Donert. Unfortunately, no financial support is available for those planning to be there.

HERODOT and the AAG 2006
The HERODOT coordinator Karl Donert will be chairing a HERODOT session at the AAG looking at change in Geography education in Europe. Five prsentations have been accepted for this session. You can find the full program at: http://www.aag.org/annualmeetings/

RGS-IBG, August 2005, London
HERODOT was present at the RGS-IBG Annual Conference in London at the Royal Geographical Socieity in August. HERODOT member Rob van der Vaart (Utrecht) presented a paper on internationalisation and HERODOT co-sponsored and chaired a session with the Higher Education Research Group of the RGS-IBG. HERODOT members presented papers on aspects of internationalisation and Geography. This major international conference provided opportunities for the network to promote itself to a wide international audience and enable the research that has been undertaken by colleagues during the past two years to be presented. It also provides an opportunity to link to other networks and organisations.

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ESRI links
HERODOT has maintained good links with ESRI the GIS specialists. Both ESRI-Europe and ESRI Inc. continue to be great supporters of the network. In August 2006 the HERODOT coordinator Karl Donert has been invited to do a keynote presentation at the ESRI Education conference in San diego, California.

HERODOT Network continues to grow
The HERODOT Network now stands at 146 partners, including 23 geography related organisations, representing 29 countries within Europe and three countries beyond.

The Network is still looking to expand its links internationally and to incorporate non-higher edication organisations such as companies, publishers and businesses. Please ask any new potential partners to contact Karl Donert for memberships forms. An expansion form has been e-mailed to all partners and there is also a copy available on the web site. Link here to go to the HERODOT Web site.

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This section provides up-to-date information on funds available. Note the research grants, Science and Society, Tempus projects and other opportunities below.
You can contact Karl Donert if you want informal advice on any applications you are considering. HERODOT News aims to provide members will useful information concerning opportunities to access European Commission and other funds to further collaboration and for projects. A funding workshop is planned in Spring 2005, contact Karl Donert if you would like to participate.

Research grants
Marie Curie Research Training Networks, for linking research teams of recognised international stature. Documents, information
Marie Curie Human Resources and Mobility Actions, this aims to provide a variety of options for individual researchers as well as host institutions.deadlines February 15 2006, May 17 2006, Information
Marie Curie Host Fellowships, Chairs and Excellence grants, Information

Science and Society
Science Shops, deadline March 30 2006, Funding for "Science shops" facilitate scientific communication and societal demand-driven sharing of knowledge with local civil society. National Contact Point http://www.cordis.lu/fp6/ncp.htm, Information http://www.cordis.lu/science-society/

School Science
teaching practice, school perceptions of science, performance indicators and priority setting, deadline January 31 2006. Call text, Documents http://fp6.cordis.lu/fp6/call_details.cfm?CALL_ID=249, Information http://www.cordis.lu/science-society/

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Tempus - Structural & Complementary Measures

Tempus provides project funds for working with Eastern Europe and MEDA (Mediterranean) countries like Egypt, Palestine etc. next deadline is 15 October. Guide and forms available from http://www.etf.eu.int/tempus/

Lviv Agricultural University,Ukraine are looking for a partner for an Individual Mobility Grant (IMG) within the Tempus programme. The institution would like to develop a new academic course entitled: Agricultural Economics. If you are interested please contact Zoryana Didych zordidych@lycos.com
Hebron University in Palestine are looking for a partner in order to undertake an Individual Mobility Grant (IMG) for the purpose of preparing a Joint European Project (JEP) proposal to start a programme in Environmental Technology that offers a BSc degree, currently not offered by the Hebron University . This will involve starting a new department under the name of "Environmental Science and Technology" and at a later stage the University is planning to further develop a new department "Environmental Engineering", forming the nucleus of a new Faculty of Engineering. If you are interested please contact: Hanna Abdel Nour, National Tempus Office Coordinator Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Ramallah - Palestine, Tel: 00 970 (0)2 298 2653, Fax: 00 970 (0)2 298 2607, Mobile : 00 970 (0)599 255 447.
Further partner requests for Tempus at: http://www.tempusuk.ac.uk/partner_searching.html
The ongoing deadlines for the submission of Tempus applications for IMGs (individual mobility grants) are 15 February and 15 October each year. Information about Tempus can be found at: http://europa.eu.int/comm/education/programmes/tempus/index_en.html

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Other Opportunities
Realization of a joint area of development between Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia, deadline February 1st, 2006, Call text - Application form - Partnership Agreement - Guidelines - Neighbourhood Programme Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia - Information
Protection and enhancement of the environment, culture and infrastructures of the cross-border territor
y between Italy, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, State Union of Serbia and Montenegro, deadline January 28 2006, Call for proposals - Information

CARDS Croatia - Upgrading of vocational education and training schools in Croatia, deadcline February 24th, 2006, key areas include environmental protection, Guidelines - Application form - Logframe - Annexes - Budget - Information

European Youth Foundation funding to support youth activities and meetings in Europe, deadlines February 1 2006 and April 1 2006, Call text, Information
http://galadriel.coe.int/fej/portal/media-type/html/country/null/user/anon/pa ge/default.psml?js_language=en

e-ContentPlus seeks to facilitate accessibility and usability of digital content. Deadline to be confirmed. It includes activities in
Educational content
4.2.1 Stimulating educational content enrichment Content Enrichment Projects
4.2.2 Stimulating educational content enrichment Thematic Networks
Cultural content and scientific/scholarly content
5.1.1 Promoting the enabling infrastructure Targeted Projects
5.2.1 Stimulating cultural and scientific/scholarly content enrichment Content
Call text (draft version), Guide for proposers, Work Programme, Information

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The EU Japan Centre is relaunching the "Vulcanus in Japan " programme through European Universities. The Vulcanus programme offers industrial placements in Japanese host companies to European students in engineering (or similar) and is co-financed by the European Commission and the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Please click on the following links to find relevant information. The deadline for applications is 20 January 2006 : http://www.eujapan.com/vulcanus/af.pdf
Preparatory Visits
Preparatory Visits available - Contact your National Agency - application forms and further information
Vocational and Professional Training
The European Training Village team of Cedefop invites you to visit http://www.trainingvillage.gr
Culture 2000, is an EU funding programme offering support for arts and cultural
projects in the performing and visual arts, heritage and associated with books/reading
sectors. More information and newsletter.
Erasmus Mundus
The enhancement of quality in higher education and the promotion of intercultural understanding through co-operation with third countries,
deadline     February 28 2006
Call text - Forms, Templates - Information +

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Academic Training Association (ATA) is accepting applications from international visiting professors interested to teach an intensive summer course in Macedonia, Pristina or Mitrovica in July 2006 at the International Summer University Macedonia. For more information and registration forms, please visit www.academictraining.org

Spring Day 2006: Debate for a Healthy Europe, Allowing young European citizens to express their opinions, fears, doubts and ideas for a better future all together in Europe. Schools and colleges can register now at: http://www.springday2006.org

International Professor Exchange is a new free service http://www.uncw.edu/ipe. This programme allows colleagues (both academic and non-academic staff) to list their position, with a view to exchanging with a colleague with similar interests in another country. Exchanges may be of short or long duration.

European Mountain Forum has recently finished compiling a brochure on various EC programmes that provide funding for projects within the domain of energy, sustainable development and environmental protection. You can now download this booklet free of charge from: http://www.eucenter.org/brochure.php

Geography eTwinning kit for schools is available at the eTwinning portal http://www.etwinning.net. Information and ideas for collaborative projects with European partners

Myths and Legends Project . Each civilization has its own myths, legends and stories. This project is about finding similarities by telling the myths of different countries and regions. We hope that this will help a little to make people closer together and this would be a small step of the long way to peace. Contact Fatemeh Malek prongsthebrave@yahoo.com and Mina Sarmadi minap_she@yahoo.com in Iran , or see http://www.iearn.org/projects/mythsandlegends.html .

Science Education - Xplora http://www.xplora.org is the European gateway to science education, offered by European Schoolnet.

Oak Human Rights Fellowship The Oak Institute for the Study of International Human Rights at Colby College is soliciting nominations and applications for the Oak Human Rights Fellowship for the autumn semester of 2006 at Colby College. Nominations and applications should be sent to: Kenneth A. Rodman, Director Oak Institute for the Study of International Human Rights, Colby College, Waterville ME 04901 Email: oakhr@colby.edu, by January 13, 2006. More information, including application, is available on the Institute's website at: http://www.colby.edu/oak

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Some COOL Geography Web sites

Mountain Partnership site has now been re-launched and can be accessed at http://www.mountainpartnership.org

ScienceinEurope.net this portal (http://www.scienceineurope.net/) collects links to science web sites in all EU countries.

Citizen E This web site has some interesting teaching plans for schools on European citizenship at: http://www.citizen-e.net/list.php?c=files

GI and GIS portal European Commission's GI and GIS Web Portal. http://www.ec-gis.org/

GeoInfluences, the national Web site of the French Education Ministry for geography, http://geoconfluences.ens-lsh.fr

Making Better Places, a great Web site on Planning etc from CABE Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, http://www.cabe-education.org.uk/makingbetterplaces

Mountain Partnership Web site http://www.mountainpartnership.org/

School Seismology Network, observing earthquakes. contact: Maurice Boneff, maurice.boneff@ordina13.cg13.fr, Web site in French http://www.clg-caillols.ac-aix-marseille.fr/sismo/seismes/20041226/20041226.htm

Mountain areas in Europe, a Web site in english and french, http://www.europa.eu.int/comm/regional_policy/sources/docgener/studies/study_en.htm

Visual Science Web Site, helps pupils learn using images (in French and English), http://www.infovisual.info/

European Topic Centre on Biological Diversity (ETC/BD) http://nature.eionet.eu.int/

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European Mountain Forum Mediterranean site represents the interests of the sustainable
development in the mountain areas bordering the Mediterranean Sea:
1. Pyrenees and Iberian Mountain (including Levantine and Central ranges and Sierra Nevada)
2. Atlas Mountains (including all the ranges from Morocco to Tunisia, High and Middle Atlas, Rif Mts. and Djudjura Mts.)
3. Apennines
4. Mountains on Mediterranean Islands (Majorca, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Crete Cyprus… and many smaller islands!)
5. Greek Mts. (Peloponese, Pindus, Olympus)
6. Taurus Mts. and W and NW Anatolian mountains
7. Lebanese, Syrian and other eastern Mediterranean ranges

European Space Agency has a new Web site for kids, available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch. There are puzzles, quizzes, animated comics and more. http://kids.esa.int

Model United Nations TEIMUN is an annual United Nations simulation conference for university students from all over the world. Visit http://www.teimun.org to find out more

European Earth Observation Web Site, http://www.eduspace.esa.int/ offers a very rich portal covering topics of interest to teachers: Europe from space, global change, disaster monitoring and remote sensing principles. ESA image gallery

Exploring the Environment site on Problem based learning, debates and  Problem Solving Strategies It develops both problem solving strategies and skills by placing students in the active role of problem solvers http://www.cotf.edu/ete/teacher/teacherout.html

eSchoolnet is the pan European portal for teachers. The focus keep teachers informed about new projects, new documents, and new ways and means to deal with technologies and education. http://eschoolnet1.eun.org/ww/en/pub/eschoolnet/whatsnew.htm

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Resources, Journals and Data Sources

New Journal From the beginning of 2006 a new journal will be published : 'International Journal of Environmental and Science Education'. Please, check the web site http://www.ijese.com/index.htm.

Call for Papers - Industrial Development and Energy in Mountain Areas, Mountain Research and Development, a leading international journal that features key development-related research on mountains, is planning an issue with a focus on Industrial Development and Energy in Mountain areas. Articles must be received by February 1st 2006. See their web site: http://www.mrd-journal.org

Geography education in the USA Sarah Bednarz has created a website as a resource for information about geography education in the United States. See http://cge.tamu.edu/igegc-cd/

Call for papers RGS-IGB Conference 2006 There will be two sessions convened by the Higher Education Research Group (HERG) dates, 30 August - 1st September 2006, in London.  Please submit abstracts (250-300 words) for a 15 minute paper presentation to the convenors by 31st January 2006. Two themes are Citizenship, Education and Sustainability Convenors : Margaret Harrison of HERG (mharrison@glos.ac.uk) and Developing research-led teaching, opportunities for the next ten years Convenor: Pauline Kneale (p.e.kneale@leeds.ac.uk). RGS-IBG website http://www.rgs.org/AC2006

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Geoconfluences The French national Web Site of geography and is for the continuing education of secondary teachers, http://geoconfluences.ens-lsh.fr

Search Engine for Science An interesting search engine offering access to more than 150.000 European links of Science, Technology and Innovation, is now available at: http://www.Scienceineurope.net

Natural Hazards learning site The Swiss Virtual Campus 'Dealing with Natural Hazards and Risks' (NAHRIS) is online with 90 learning units on the topics of natural hazards and risks is available. You are encouraged to use these learning units within your lectures or as advanced training. Access and use is free, once you have registered online at http://www.nahris.ch.

EUROPA Magazine of European Research Special Issues: Double Eurobarometer Survey http://europa.eu.int/comm/research/rtdinfo/special_euro/index_en.html

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LIFE Newsletter, LIFE is the Financial Instrument for the Environment of the European Commission. NEWSFLASH is a monthly newsletter from the LIFE Unit to keep you up to date on the latest developments in the LIFE-Programme. For this month's NEWSFLASH, click on:

Life News December 2005 December 2005 - January 2006, read the full issue at

LYONIA Journal , the journal of University of Hawaii's Lyon Arboretum, is an online ecological journal. The new volume is currently in progress. If you are interested you can find it at http://www.lyonia.org

European SAVE Foundation newsletter (Safeguard for Agricultural Varieties in Europe) , containing the latest reports from the field of conservation of endangered livestock breeds and agricultural plants.http://www.save-foundation.net/english/actual.htm

Geography in the News: free learning resources, news and views at http:www.rgs.org
Unlocking the archives of the RGS visit http://www.rgs.org

LTSN-GEES Information or resources on learning and teaching in geography, earth or environmental sciences can be obtained from the LTSN-GEES Centre http://www.gees.ac.uk/

My Community, Our Earth Project listserv: Geographic Learning for Sustainable
Development (MyCOE) The MyCommunity List has been created as a forum to share information on geographic learning and sustainable development topics, to exchange new educational resources and ideas, to post general inquiries about using geographic tools for sustainable development projects, to relay timely news about MyCOE program activities, and to encourage general discussions about geographic learning for sustainable development.
If you are interested in joining, send a blank e-mail to mycommunity-subscribe@aaglistserve.org More information about MyCOE, http://www.geography.org/sustainable/

The HERODOT Web site has copy and links on Bologna, an explanation of the Declaration can be found at: http://europa.eu.int/comm/education/socrates/erasmus/bologna.pdf
Latest news on Bologna can be found at:
http://www.dfes.gov.uk/bologna/and http://www.bologna-bergen2005.no/

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IGU e-Newsletter You can visit the new IGU pages at the home of geography site http://www.homeofgeography.org/ or subscribe by e-mailing: l.ayo@homeofgeography.org. In the latest issue is news on projects, conferences, activities and opportunities to participate with other geographers around the world.

New Masters Programme: Earth Oriented Space Science and Technology - ESPACE
ESPACE produced by the Technical University Munich, combines Earth System Sciences, Remote Sensing and Navigation with Spaccraft Technology and should prepare students for design, development and analysis of future Earth oriented satellite missions. ESPACE enhances internationality and interdiscipliarity. It is a 2 years international program offered in English language. Requirement is a Bachelor in science (mathematics, physics, geophysics) or engineering studies (mechanical, aerospace, electrical engineering, geodetic engineering, ...).
For more information http://www.espace-tum.de

New European Masters Programme, European Masters course on Citizenship education, this will start October 2005. Approximately 20 universities have collaborated in the design and development of the materials and the degree will be delivered by six of them : London
Metropolitan, La Sapienza (Rome), Rene Descartes (Paris V), Linköping University, Panepistimio Patras, Eotvos Lorand University (Budapest). Contact Maria Villanueva, Maria.Villanueva@uab.es

A range of RGS-IBG grants for fieldwork and research are available from http://www.rgs.org/grants, or contact Grants Office, RGS-IBG, 1 Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AR, UK grants@rgs.org


Conferences and Events 2006-2007

21-26 January 2006, 1st iLEAPS Science Conference in Boulder, Colorado, USA, iLEAPS (Integrated Land Ecosystem - Atmosphere Processes Study), register online at https://www.atm.helsinki.fi/ileapsform.

1–2 February 2006, Teaching and Learning Forum 2006 - The University of Western Australia . Teaching and Learning Forum is a joint effort of the WA universities and aimed at providing an opportunity for teachers to engage in a dialogue about teaching and learning. Please refer to the Forum website for all details including presentation formats, submission of abstracts and papers, registration details and key dates. www.catl.uwa.edu.au/tlf2006

24-25 February 2006, Charney Manor Primary School Geography Conference, contact Simon Catling sjcatling@brookes.ac.uk

6–7 March 2006, 2-day GIS users Workshop, Palmer House Hilton Hotel, Chicago , USA . The workshop is in conjunction with the Association of American Geographers’ Annual Conference 7-11 March 2006. GIS users at all levels, including novices and newcomers are welcome. see on http://www.aag.org

7-11 March 2006, AAG (American Association of Geographers) Annual Meeting, taking place at the Palmer House Hilton Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, USA, see on http://www.aag.org

30 March - 1 April 2006, Mountain Forum. 5th ICA Mountain Cartography Workshop, Bohinj , Slovenia . Contact: lojze.miklavcic@geod-is.si

2-7 April 2006 Mountain Climatology and Hydrology: Present State and Future Scenarios, European GeoSciences Union conference , Vienna, Austria, http://www.cosis.net/members/meetings/programme/view.php?m_id=29&p_id=199

18-20 April 2006, GA Annual Conference - 'Sensational Geography', University of Manchester. Visit the Annual Conference pages for further information http://www.geography.org.uk/events/annualconference/

20-21 April 2006, Quality in Postgraduate research 2006 conference will be held at the Stamford Grand Hotel, Adelaide. The details for this conference, entitled Quality in Postgraduate Research: Knowledge Creation in Testing Times, and the call for contributions are available at http://www.qpr.edu.au/2006

23-26 April 2006 International Seminar on Rural Territorial Development, Sabtiago de Chile, Chile. Contact: seminarioDTR@rimisp.org, Web site http://www.rimisp.org/trem

2-3 May 2006, 1st Pedagogical Research in Higher Education (PRHE) Conference, 'Pedagogical Research: Enhancing student success', Liverpool, UK. http://hopelive.hope.ac.uk/PRHE/

4-5 May 2006 Conference on European Models of Synergy between Teaching and Research in Higher Education, in Talinn, Estonia. Web site http://ier-nl.net/EUInet_Workshop.htm. Call for papers before January 15th 2006, email to talaba@unitbv.ro

12-14 May 2006 , 'Language, Diversity and Integration in the Enlarged EU: Challenges and Opportunities' Vytautas Magnus University of Kaunas , Lithuania . Online submissions of paper proposals (max. 300 words) by 20 February 2006 . More information is available on the conference website http://www.vdu.lt/LTcourses/?pg=112&lang=2&menu_id=57

24-25 May 2006, 13th Annual Conference on the Adirondacks, Lake Placid , NY , USA . Contact: wayne@AEDConline.com,Web site: http://www.adkresearch.org

24-28 May 2006, eLA conference - an annual event for building eLearning capacities in Africa . UNCC, Addis Ababa , Ethiopia. A chance to link up with the growing African eLearning community, Web site www.elearning-africa.com

25-28 May 2006, Third International Conference: Daoism and Contemporary World – Daoist Cultivation in Theory and Practice, Bavaria , Germany . Contact: info@daoism-conference.de
Web site: http://www.daoism-conference.de/about.html

29 May-2 June 2006, VII Inter-American Congress for Conservation of Private Land , Cartagena , Colombia . Contact: congresotierrasprivadas2006@natura.org.co, Web site: http://www.wwf.org.co/colombia/mostrar_convocatoria.php?lang=es&cid=co15c

5–7 June 2006, Environment for Europe 2006. The Second Regional Conference will take place in Belgrade , Serbia and Montenegro . Participants from Balkan and South Eastern European countries are encourages to participate. Closing date for application and full paper is 31 January 2006. http://www.ambassadors-env.org/eng/index2.php?option=com_content&do_pdf=1&id=27

11-14 June 2006, International Consortium for Educational Development, 6th International Conference, Sheffield Hallam University , Sheffield , UK. http://iced2006.shu.ac.uk/

13–15 June 2006, 5th European Congress on Regional Geoscientific Cartography and Information Systems: Earth and Water. Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya, Servei Geològic de Catalunya, Par de Montjuic , 08038 Barcelona, Spain ; Tel.: +34-(0)-935-671-500, Fax: +34-(0)-935-671-568, e-mail: congeo2006@icc.es. Web: http://www.icc.es/econgeo2006/home.html

24-28 June, 2006 Conservation Without Borders, San Jose, USA, Contact: 2006@conbio.org, Web site: http://www.conservationbiology.org/2006/Index.cfm

25-27 June 2006, 4th Convention of the Central and Eastern European International Studies Association (CEEISA) will take place in Tartu , Estonia . The convention "Reflecting on a Wider Europe and Beyond: Norms, Rights and Interests" provides a forum for exchange of ideas for all who contribute to the wide and multidisciplinary field of international studies. You can find more information about the convention at its official webpage at www.ceeisaconf.ut.ee.

28 June – 1 July 2006, The 34th SEFI Annual Conference, Uppsala University , Uppsala , Sweden. The overall theme for the conference is "Engineering Education and Active Students". www.sefi2006.com.

28 June - 3 July 2006, The International Geography Olympiad. Organised by the International Geographical Union (IGU) Olympiad Task Force. The Task Force members are: Henk Ankoné, co-chair (The Netherlands), Joop van der Schee, co-chair (The Netherlands), Kathryn Berg (Australia), Wieslaw Kosakowski (Poland) and Kevin Winter (South Africa). The next International Geography Olympiad will be held in Brisbane, Australia, and will run in conjunction with the Commission on Geographical Education Symposium, 26 June - 2 July and the IGU Regional Conference, 3 - 7 July. See 2006 Australia on this site for more information about the 2006 Olympiad. The details of the 2006 Olympiad participation are provided at the website for the Brisbane event. This may be found at: http://www.geoolympiad.org/2006_australia/

3-7 July 2006, IGU Main Congress, Brisbane Australia

8-9 July 2006, INLT workshop, Brisbane Australia

7-9 August 2006, Asian Conference on Permafrost, Lanzhou, China . Contact: ymlai@ns.lzb.ac.cn Web site: http://www.casnw.net/permafrost

28 August - 1 September 2006, 12th Conference on Mountain Meteorology Santa Fe , USA . Contact: durrand@atmos.washington.edu. Web site: http://ams.confex.com/ams/SantaFe2006/oasys.epl

30 August – 1 September 2006, Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers Annual Conference, London, UK. http://www.rgs.org/category.php?Page=mainevents

6-8 September 2006 Second International Conference on Sustainable Tourism, Bologna, Italy. Contact: rgreen@wessex.ac.uk  Web site: http://www.wessex.ac.uk/conferences/2006/tourism06/index.html

11-13 September 2006 IASTED Conference on Environmentally Sound Technology in Water Resources Management, Gaborone, Botswana, Contact: calgary@iasted.org  Web address: http://www.iasted.com/conferences/2006/Botswana/c515.htm

18 - 21 September 2006 International Geoscience Education Conference, GeoSciEd V, to be held in Bayreuth, Bavaria, Germany. The aim of the conference is to provide a venue for geoscience and teaching professionals. It will be of interest to those who teach geosciences as part of geography, earth science and natural science education at any level from kindergarten to university. Further details are available of the GeoSciEd V website,

21 - 23 September 2006 , Academic Mobility: Crossed perspectives’, Turku , Finland . The main aim of the conference is to provide a multidisciplinary forum for discussing the actors of academic mobility. Papers are welcomed from linguistics, education, anthropology, sociology, psychology, geography and educational policy, among others. Full call and proposal form at http://www.hum.utu.fi/ranskakk/fran.htm.

21 - 24 September 2006 , 3rd International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Management (ICEEM/03), Iasi , Romania. Visit the web site http://www.ch.tuiasi.ro/ICEEM03

26 - 29 September, 2006, Patterns and Processes in Forest Landscapes: Consequences of Human Management, Locorotondo, Bari, Italy. Visit http://www.greenlab.uniba.it/events/iufro2006/

11- 15 October 2006, 14th International Festival of Mountain Films, Poprad , Slovakia . Contact: horskyfilm@slovanet.sk Web: http://www.mfhf.sk/?lang=uk.

9-12 November 2006, International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching Annual Conference, Washington, USA. http://www.issotl.indiana.edu/ISSOTL/index.htm

23 - 27 January, 2007 International Dialogue on Science and Practice in Sustainable Development: Linking Knowledge with Action, Chiang mai, Thailand, Contact: elisabeth.dyck@chello.at, Web site: http://www.sustdialogue.org/index.htm

10-13 September 2007, The Fourth International Conference on Debris-Flow Hazards Mitigation: Mechanics, Prediction, and Assessment , Chengdu , China . Contact: dfhm@imde.ac.cn. Web site: http://4thdfhm.imde.ac.cn/

Schoolnet Conferences and Events Page
Upcoming conferences in the area of Education and Technology in Europe. Events listed chronologically at http://www.eun.org/events

Mountain Forum events at http://www.mountainpartnership.org/events/calendar.asp

If you have any news, are involved in events or are prepared to promote the network, then contact Karl Donert

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