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Summer Newsletter (No.6)
May 2004

Welcome to the Network's latest news in 2004. With major changes in Europe this issue provides up-to-date information on the HERODOT events which have taken place, the events still to happen in the second year of the project and some of the likely activities in 2004/5. This issues also has interesting opportunities offfered by the Institute of Education in London and some of the latest European funding news, events for Geographers and several useful Web resources.

If you have any news, are involved in events or are prepared to promote the network, then contact Karl Donert or Glenda Wall.


The three Thematic Pillars are busy holding their activity conferences and workshops. Travel and accommodation costs are being paid for HERODOT members to attend these events.

TP1: Europeanisation of Geographical Education and curriculum

An event in Tartu, Estonia on 25-28 June 2004 based on TUNING, benchmarking and curriculum development in Geography. If you would like to attend, please contact Mrs. Heli Raagmaa, email: heli.raagmaa@ut.ee; phone. +372 737 5816.

TP2: Professional Development: Doing a Better Job for European Geographers

This conference took place in Sofia 2-5 April 2004 at Sofia University St. Klimnet Ohridski, Bulgaria. It considered the professional development of Geography academics in seeking to establish courses that enhance the employability of Geography graduates. Further details of this event and the presentations and discussions are available on the HERODOT Web site, information is also available at:

TP3: Exciting Geography: learning and teaching approaches

The next TP3 event takes place on 21-23 May at Cyprus University. It will seek to identify and focus on innovative and exciting teaching and learning approaches in Geography and resultant curriculum development actions. Three groups have been established: Exciting Geography, Thinking Through Geography and Computer Assited Learning in Geography. If you would like to find out more please email Professor Ashley Kent, email:a.kent@ioe.ac.uk

Members from TP3 participated in the HERODOT-EUROGEO Conference which was held in Bled Slovenia, May 7-9th. Many HERODOT members presented papers and presentations under the theme 'GeoInformation in the Geography classroom'. A workshop sponsored by ESRI was also incorporated in the programme. This looked at ways of introducing GeoInformation to Geography teachers. EUROGEO is the European network of Geography Associaitions and this event provided an excellent opportunity to disseminate the work of HERODOT and its members. Further information on the presentations and this conference can be obtained from the EUROGEO Web site.

2004 Funding Application and Other EU Bids
HERODOT has applied for a third year of funding from the European Commission for the year 2004/5. We await the outcome. The budget, work programme and activities have been developed by the Steering Group in conjunction with HERODOT members, if you would like to be involved either in organising future events or in participating in the new programme then please contact Karl Donert or Glenda Wall.

HERODOT members have already been involved in several other funding applications in 2003/4. These include the development of Intensive Programmes of study, curriculum development (undergraduate and Masters level) and Minerva (Open and Distance Learning). A workshop on accessing European funds is planned at the TP1 event in Tartu. A further funding event is proposed for next year.
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Members have access to the HERODOT communications and discussion areas provided for the network by Salzburg University. This is accessed through the Members hyperlink on the top of the HERODOT Home Page. Members have been sent their passwords to allow access to this space. If you are a member but have lost your password then please contact Glenda Wall.

Surveys on Sharepoint
We need your opinion now!!
To find out your opinions on a number of themes, surveys have been set up under Sharepoint (Go to Lists). Those live at the moment are on eLearning (TP3) and Employability (TP2). Please go to Sharepoint to complete these.

New Thematic Pillars Proposed
A number of ideas for new Thematic Pillars for the academic years 2005-2008 have resulted from session events and activities. Firstly, a new pillar is proposed to consider the theme of Sustainability in teaching Geography in Higher Education. If you are interested in participating in this new proposal, then please contact either Martin Haigh or Karl Donert. Another initiative is proposed to focus on promoting Geography through the theme Geography in Society. If you are interested in participating in this new proposal, then please contact Karl Donert.

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Other Funded Networks to Join
Join ERIC (Network on Intercultural Education)
If you are interested in joining the ERIC Thematic Network (for higher education on Intercultural Studies and specifically Cultural Mapping) then contact: Marko Krevs of Ljubliana University krevs@uni-ljubliana.si. ERIC funds attendance at conferences and meetings.

HERODOT links with EEGECS (Cartography and Surveying Network)
If you are interested in joining the Thematic Network EEGECS (for higher education in Geodetics, Cartogaphy and Surveying - including GIS) then contact: eegecs@upvnet.upv.es. EEGECS funds attendance at conferences and meetings.

HERODOT links with RIAC (Regional Identity in Schools Network)
If you want to join the Comenius Network RIAC (Regional Identity and Active Citizenship), based on activities in school education and Comenius projects, email: riac@tsn.at. HERODOT and RIAC are planning a joint event in Malta in November 2004. RIAC funds attendance at conferences and meetings.

HERODOT links with EuroCuLT
HERODOT has linked with the Network EuroCuLT which is based on activities and European Cultures Today, if you are interested in being involved, contact Vytautas V.Sirtautas, Klaipeda University, email: vytasir@takas.lt. If successful EuroCuLT will fund attendance at conferences and meetings.

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This section provides up-to-date information on European funds for Geography Departments in higher education. This issue provides news on avareity of funding including Leonnardo, Framework 6, Tempus and Life. Do you want to work with Mediterranean universities? Develop joint programs or projects? Then look here. You can contact Karl Donert if you want informal advice on any applications you are considering. Some new projects are being planned, see the looking for partners section.

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Fellowship funds - Online MA - Resources - Comenius Space - Ask a Geographer
eLearning - Teacher Training Grants - Publications

Marie Curie Fellowship Opportunity
The geography department at the Institute of Education - http://www.ioe.ac.uk - is keen to host a number of geography educators in Higher Education through Individual Fellowships funded by Framework 6.

Individual fellowships pay for visiting researchers/academics to spend two years at the Institute of Education - one of the leading centres for geography education in the world. For information e-mail Professor Ashley Kent at a.kent@ioe.ac.uk.
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Study for an MA in Geography Education - from your own home
The Institute of Education, University of London, has been successfully running the MA Geography in Education since 1968. The only course of its kind, it can now be followed by students across the world with the opportunity to study all its required modules through distance learning. There are four taught modules:
· Changing viewpoints in geographical education
· Enhancing geographical learning
· Becoming a reflective enquiry teacher
· Issues in geographical education
You are also required to write a dissertation.

'The distance learning MA has made a real difference not only to my teaching but also to my career. I have developed research interests, gained a network of colleagues in the geography education world, delivered INSET and spoken at a number of conferences.'
[Geography teacher in UK secondary school]

For further information, please contact the Course Administrator: Louise Tulip, 20 Bedford Way, London, WC1H 0AL, l.tulip@ioe.ac.uk, 020 7612 6455 or visit www.ioe.ac.uk/masters. You are also welcome to contact the Course Leader: Professor Ashley Kent, a.kent@ioe.ac.uk; +44 (0)20 7612 6437.
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MASPK Educational Resources from Canada
The project is trying to put together some educational resources related to education. The resources are suitable for higher education students. http://www.maspk.com/

turopa: a free journal from the Council of Europe, latest issue - the European Landscape Convention, next issue War and Heritage, go to http://www.coe.int/, email christian.meyer@coe.int

Unlocking the archives
of the RGS visit http://www.rgs.org/

Geography in the News: lots of free learning resources, news and views at http:www.rgs.org
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Comenius Space Website Re-launched!
European Schoolnet's Comenius Space website has been restyled and is now online! Originally launched two years ago, Comenius Space is a site for teachers and trainers interested or involved in the European Commission's Comenius programme for encouraging international school cooperation.

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'Ask a Geography Expert'

A new topic for discussion is on the Innovating with Geography Web site http://www.qca.org.uk/geography The latest theme is on 'Transport management. (Click on 'Geography matters' and then 'Ask an expert'). Dr Jon Shaw of the University of Aberdeen answers pupils' (or teachers'!) questions on transport management.
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Interested in eLearning? Subscribe to the Learning Citizen Newsletter
The newsletter can be downloaded directly from http://www.learningcitizen.net/
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Teacher training grants
The Geographical Association present awards to attend their Annual conference in the UK (normally in April) If you are interested in applying for one of these, then contact Tony Binns, chair of the GA International Committee.
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Articles Wanted .....

International Journal of Fieldwork Studies free online journal, can be found at http://www.virtualmontana.org/ejournal/
Journal of Geography in Higher Education (JGHE)
General information (Aims and Scope, Subscription Rates, etc.)
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New publications
'Active learning' and 'Learning Experiences of Disabled Students'.
Two new publications are available on line from the Geography Discipline Network. Both focus on geography, environment and related disciplines and are useful for university teachers.

Engaging students in active learning has case studies in geography, environment and related disciplines, Cheltenham: University of Gloucestershire, Geography Discipline Network and School of Environment (Healey M and Roberts J Eds) 140pp (ISBN: 1 86174 145 6). Available at: http://www.glos.ac.uk/gdn/active/student.htm £7 plus p&p

The experience of learning at university by disabled students in geography, earth and environmental sciences and related disciplines: a report on the Geography Discipline Network (GDN) Inclusive Curriculum Project (ICP) Student Survey. Cheltenham: University of Gloucestershire, Geography Discipline Network (Hall, T and Healey M with other members of the GDN ICP Project Team) 32pp (ISBN: 1 86174 146 4) Available at: http://www.glos.ac.uk/gdn/icp/survey.htm £3.50 plus p&p
Previous GDN Publications http://www.glos.ac.uk/gdn/
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Some Internet links to check out
Educational Technology and eLearning for Development (focus on Southern Africa)
An economist tackles the riddles of everyday life
Imagination at work!
California Chaos
World Association for Online Education
CFP: Cooperation and Collaboration in Education (Singapore, June 2004)
Center for Digital Discourse and Culture
Social Science Information Gateway (lots of interesting links)
Eurotexte: The Translators' Portal (links to dictionaries, terminology, glossaries, etc.)
Information Technologies and International Development (new journal)
The Internet picture dictionary
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21-23 May 2004, HERODOT: Exciting Geography: learning and teaching approaches at Cyprus University, details on the HERODOT Web site, email:a.kent@ioe.ac.uk

24-25 May 2004 Residential Workshop for Recently Appointed & Aspiring Lecturers in GEES, University of Birmingham, http://www.gees.ac.uk/newlect04.htm (Registration now closed)
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2-5 June 2004, Green Week : Green Week 2004 intends to bring people together to debate, as a follow-up to the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg on key environmental issues of sustainable consumption and production, renewable energy and climate change and water. You can now register on-line at
http://europa.eu.int/comm/environment/greenweek/practical/practical_en.htm for the 2004 edition of Green Week!

7-9 June 2004, AGIT 2004 Symposium und Fachmesse, http://www.agit.at/
* AGIT Programm online! Das Programm zur AGIT 2004 mit über 170 Fachbeiträgen, Produktpräsentationen, Workshops, Orientierungsseminaren und Spezial Foren ist verfügbar unter:

8 June 2004, FREE event, Encouraging Continuing Professional Development for Support Staff at the University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham
More information at: http://www.gees.ac.uk/supevent.htm
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10 June 2004, FREE event, Learning and Teaching at the Taught Postgraduate Level, at University College Northampton
More information at: http://www.gees.ac.uk/pgevent.htm

16-19 June 2004, EDEN Conference: New Challenges and Partnerships in an enlarged European Union: Open, Distance and e-Learning in Support of Modernisation, Capacity Building and Regional Development, Budapest University of Technology and Economics Hungary, details at http://www.eden-online.org/

20-22 June 2004, ACA conference: the International Campus, email mailto:%20info@aca-secretariat.be

25-28 June 2004, HERODOT TP1: Europeanisation of Geographical Education and curriculum, email Mrs. Heli Raagmaa, email: heli.raagmaa@ut.ee; phone. +372 737 5816
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5-6 July 2004, Widening Participation and Employability: New Opportunities for GEES LTSN-GEES residential conference, at the Royal Court Hotel, Warwickshire More information at: http://www.gees.ac.uk/ac04/ac04.htm

15-20 August 2004, International Geographical Union meeting, Glasgow, UK, One Earth One World
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17 August 2004, RGS-IBG at the IGU, Glasgow, UK, a shortened RGS-IBG Annual Conference 2004 will be held on the middle day of the IGU conference. Early registration by 1 March 2004

17-20 August 2004, BGRG International Geomorphology Conference, Glasgow, UK, Theme: Geomorphology and Sustainability

October 2004, 15th Festival of Geography at Saint-Die-des-Vosges,France. Included is Cafe Geography, exhibitions, round tables, and a special invited country To find out more visit http://www.ville-saintdie.fr/ or http://fig-st-die.education.fr/
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10-15 October 2004, European Geography Association for students (EGEA) 16th Annual Congress
The Annual Congress of the European Geography Association for students and young geographers will take place in October from the 10th-15th in Baarlo (Limburg), the Netherlands and at Utrecht University. They want to welcome 180 young geographers from all over Europe, to join us during this week.

The theme of the congress will be water and all its aspects. Participants will be divided in 13 workshop groups to talk about different issues. The total number of participants for these workshops will be around 100.

In a separate program, for about 50 participants, attention will be paid to European integration and identity. Participants will choose in advance if they would like to join the seminar about Europe or the congress about water.
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The main questions during the seminar will be:
What does Europe mean to us, young Europeans?
What role does Europe play in our daily life?
Do we feel European?
And what does it mean actually, is there something like a European identity?

The congress location will be a castle in the south of the Netherlands. In this castle there are 2-8 person bedrooms, conference rooms a dining room, a bar and the old chapel, which is now used for presentations and parties.
Proposed Workshops include:
Room for Rivers, River Morphology, Nature Development, Climate Change, Water Conflicts, Shortage of water, Water and the City, Water Pollution, GIS/Remote Sensing, Mining and Waterlevels, Water Tourism, Harbours, Reclaimed Land, Youth in Europe, Labour Migration, Drugs Policy
Excursions include: Deltaworks in Zeeland, Big Rivers Area, EU region Meuse-Rhein

The Congress Fee is 139 Euro for A-countries, 70 Euro for B-countries and 46 for C-countries.

Congress registration can be found at: http://www.egea.nl/congress
EGEA organisation http://egea.geog.uu.nl
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Schoolnet Conferences and Events Page
Upcoming conferences in the area of Education and Technology in Europe. Events listed chronologically at http://www.eun.org/events
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Project Research Assistants: Glenda Wall and Amanda Plumb
Liverpool Hope University College, Hope Park, Liverpool, L16 9JD
Tel: 0151 291 3346/3897 Fax: 0151 291 3116
E-mail: wallg@hope.ac.uk and plumba@hope.ac.uk