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Winter Newsletter (No.7)
December 2004

Greetings to all HERODOT members. Welcome to the Network's fourth newsletter of 2004. This issue provides you with further information on the HERODOT events in the third year of the project. This issue also has some more European funding news and events and links to more useful Web resources. Becoming a member is easy and FREE - visit the HERODOT Home Page.

If you have any news, are involved in events or are prepared to promote the network, then contact Karl Donert.

HERODOT has successfully been awarded a full grant to organise activiies and workplan for 2004/2005. The priorities will be to publish state-of-the-art information, to run woirkshops and conferences and to develop a new three-year plan for 2005-2008. A small group met to brainstorm future initiatives in Utrecht, Netherlands in October 2004.

2004 Funding Application and Other EU Bids
HERODOT has applied for further funding from the European Commission for the year 2005/8 and we await the decision of the first round of bidding. if you would like to be involved in organising events or participating in the new programme then please contact Karl Donert.

HERODOT members have been involved in a number of other successful funding applications in 2003/4 and new projects are emerging in 2004/5. These include the development of Intensive Programmes of study, curriculum development (undergraduate and Masters level) and Minerva (Open and Distance Learning) as well as eLearning and Leonardo da Vinci (professional training) projects. A funding workshop is planned for Spring 2005.


HERODOT has linked with the Thematic Network EEGECS (for higher education departments of Geodetics, Cartogaphy and Surveying). This network has submitted an successful application under the ALPHA Programme to link universities in Europe with those in Latin America. Karl Donert presented the HERODOT Network to the meeting of EEGECS in Valencia in February 2004. If you are interested in joining EEGECS, contact: eegecs@upvnet.upv.es

HERODOT has linked with the Comenius Network RIAC (Regional Identity and Active Citizenship). Karl Donert spoke at the network meeting of RIAC at Nottingham University in December 2003 and more recently in Malta in November 2004. This network is based on activities in school education and orginates from several successful Comenius projects. HERODOT and RIAC are plan ning a joint event in Malta in November 2004. If you would like to know more about RIAC or to be involved, email: riac@tsn.at

HERODOT has linked with the Network EuroCuLT which is based on activities and European Cultures Today, if you are interested in being involved, contact Vytautas V.Sirtautas, Klaipeda University, email: vytasir@takas.lt

HERODOT has linked with the Network ERIC which is based on European Cultures and specifically Mapping European Cultures. If you are interested in joining this network then contact Vytautas V.Sirtautas, Klaipeda University, email: vytasir@takas.lt

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INLT stands for International Network for Learning and Teaching Geography in Higher Education. It was established at the AAG conference in Hawaii in 1999. Papers were published in JGHE July 2000. There is a listserv and a twic yearly Newsletter. Members of HERODOT, who have not already done so, should join. It is free. HERODOT members participated at the INLT seminar and worshop in Glasgow, August 2004. A series of publications have been completed and sub,miutted for review and publication in the Journal of Geography in Higher Education. See http://www.glos.ac.uk/gdn

HERODOT Network continues to grow
The HERODOT Network now stands at 135 partners, including 18 geography related organisations, representing 29 countries within Europe and three countries beyond.

The Network is urgently looking to expand its links internationally and to incorporate non-higher edication organisations such as companies, publishers and businesses. Please ask any new potential partners to contact Karl Donert for memberships forms. An expansion form has been e-mailed to all partners and there is also a copy available on the web site. Link here to go to the HERODOT Web site.

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This section provides up-to-date information on funds available. You can contact Karl Donert if you want informal advice on any applications you are considering. HERODOT News aims to provide members will useful information concerning opportunities to access European Commission and other funds to further collaboration and for projects. A funding workshop is planned in Spring 2005, contact Karl Donert if you would like to participate.

Are you applying for Socrates Funding 2003/2004?
The actions are as follows: Comenius (schools), Erasmus (higher education), Grundtvig (adults), Lingua (languages), Minerva (Open and Distance Learning). Contact Karl Donert if you want informal advice on any applications you are considering.

Other opportuntiies will include Observation and Innovation in Education Systems and Policies, Joint Actions and Accompanying Measures.

The Call for Proposals 2005 and the Socrates Guide for Applicants (pdf) should be read in conjunction with one another. Together they contain all the information needed in order to apply for Socrates grants.

ERASMUS deadlines
Curriculum Development Projects - deadline 1 March 2005 (Start 1 October 2005)
Intensive Programmes - deadline 1 March 2005 (Start 1 October 2005)
Mobility of Students and Teaching Staff - apply to your International Office - national agency

Preparatory Visits
Preparatory Visits for all Actions - Contact your National Agency
All application forms and further information

Other Opportunities
Funding opportunities exist now in Marie Curie Host Fellowships and Peace Studies:

Call for proposals for Marie Curie Host Fellowships for 2005 - FP6
Fellowships will be directed at European organisations (universities, research centres, enterprises, etc.) in need of developing new areas of competence, as well as at furthering the development of research capabilities in the less-favoured regions of the EU and in the Associated Candidate Countries.
Deadline May 18 2005
Cal text - Useful documents - Information+
Contact: Barbara ZUPAN, Marie Curie helpdesk, Tel: 32 2 295 79 82,

EU Partnership for Peace, theEuropean Commission is seeking proposals for activities and initiatives that support the Middle East Peace process with financial assistance from the Middle East Peace Projects (MEPP) 2004 programme of the European Communities. Call is managed by the EC delegations at West Bank & Gaza, Israel, and Jordan, Deadline January 26 2005, Financed actions:
·Innovative approaches and activities related to the sectors or themes
·Awareness Raising Campaigns
·Creation and / or fostering of communication and co-operation networks
·Creating of communication tools
·Studies and Research activities
·Development of services
·Training activities
·Educational activities
·Capacity building
·Activities related to social and economic interventions
Call notice - Guidelines - First round Application Form - Final Application form - Budget form

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Vocational and Professional Training
The European Training Village team of Cedefop invites you to visit http://www.trainingvillage.gr

Culture 2000, is an EU funding programme offering support for arts and cultural
projects in the performing and visual arts, heritage and associated with books/reading
sectors. More information and newsletter.

Tempus - Structural & Complementary Measures
Tempus provides project funds for working with Eastern Europe and MEDA (Mediterranean) countries like Egypt, Palestine etc. next deadline is 15 October. Guide and forms available from http://www.etf.eu.int/tempus/

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Interactive "mountain museum"
Mountains will be museums and geological gems could form galleries, with the help of new technology recently launched. Two Scottish visitor centres are seeking funds to introduce satellite handsets to transform the countryside into an unrivalled tourist attraction. The first steps will be to create the first "mountain museum" at the mystical Schiehallion mountain, and to provide a running commentary on gold-panning during outdoor tours in Helmsdale. Read the full article at: http://www.sundayherald.com/45566

MENTOR Observatory - An Open window on Europe and eLearning
FOR.COM Inter-University Consortium - Training for Communication - is a public non-profit university network of twenty universities involved in Open and Distance Learning solutions. FOR.COM Consortium has recently started a new research experience in the eLearning field called MENTOR- Monitoring E-learning iNitiatives Through an ObservatoRy.

The MENTOR Observatory intends to offer an effective and reliable source of information for Distance Learning professionals, learning Institutions (such as public or private universities), but also for eLearning students and all European citizens living in the contemporary Knowledge Society.

MENTOR Observatory web portal (http://www.forcom.it/MENTOR/index.htm) is the centre of its communication activities and the virtual space where MENTOR virtual community of researchers and students from all over Europe will be able to meet and share experiences, best practices and solutions.

The general approach chosen by MENTOR Observatory staff is to emphasize the importance of co-operation, collaboration and mutual support to engender high quality research, study, evaluation and observation.

They invite all researchers, students and professionals in the eLearning field to visit their web site, to subscribe to the newsletter and to take part actively to the virtual community. For further information, contact mentor@forcom.it

EGEA student Geography Association
EGEA is the European Geograophy student organisation coordinated from Utrecht University (http://egea.geog.uu.nl/discover.php). They run regular congresses and support students in getting funds from the EC Youth Action to travel. Karl donert, coordinator of HERODOT introduced the work of HERODOT at their last conference in southern Holland, attended by almost 200 students from over 30 countries. The Western region branch of EGEA will organise a congress in the forested mountains of the "Hunsrueck", from February the 28th until March the 4th 2005. Geography students from western parts of Europe can participate, only 60 euro for accomodation, food and some drinks! Contact the local organiser egea@geog.gla.ac.uk, congress details http://www.trier2005.tk/ Encourage your students to join!!

iEARN (International Education and Resource Network)
iEARN is a non-profit that empowers teachers and students to undertake projects designed to make a meaningful contribution to the health and welfare of the planet and its people.  Started in 1988, iEARN is currently active in over 110 countries, with 1,000,000 students participating as part of their educational process. http://www.iearn.org

European Schoolnet News: e-Twinning in Europe
A core part of the eLearning programme launched by the European Commission early this year is the e-Twinning action. This new initiative will also be supported by a network of National Support Services with the objective to strengthen and develop networking among schools. All young Europeans, during their time at secondary school, should have the opportunity to participate, together with their teachers, in an educational project with their counterparts in other European countries. This experience could prove to be decisive in fostering a European dimension in education and awareness among young people of the European model of a multilingual and multicultural society. Internet-based learning communities will contribute to improving intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding. The e-Twinning of schools will also help update teachers' and trainers' professional skills in the pedagogical and collaborative use of ICT.

For information contact: brigitte.parry@eun.org To know more about the eLearning programme, go to: http://europa.eu.int/comm/education/programmes/elearning/programme_en.html

European Schoolnet News: myEurope, New Site http://myeurope.eun.org
The myEUROPE site rests on a network of almost 3000 schools situated in all EU countries. Their web site has a set of very interesting activities

Earth and Space competition
The European Commission and the European Space Agency (ESA) are teaming up for this nine day event on 12-20 February 2005. The week aims to show how Earth observation and Space activities improve the quality of life on our planet. Over the nine days, Earth & Space Week will offer cultural, recreational and educational activities and a major public exposition, all taking place in and around the heart of the European Union capital, Brussels, Belgium.

Schools can take part in a competition in the run-up to Earth & Space Week, organised by European Schoolnet. Pupils aged 5-19 years old are invited to contribute designs for a Flag for Planet Earth, linked to the theme of Earth and Space. The competition will be launched in the coming weeks. To be notified of the launch, join the mailing list by contacting chris.coakley@eun.org.

Watershed Web, A new project developing tools to build a more sustainable world. All are invited to participate:at http://WatershedWeb.net

European Regions Day is celebrated in October each year to familiarise European citizens with regional European information. Xavier Tudela, the President of the European Region of the Year Organisation, stated; "This day is intended to be a new inter-European vehicle of integration which will show the regional truths of the European continent to the 46 member countries of the Council of Europe. The European Region of the Year Organisation is based in Barcelona and was founded in 2001 to highlight two European regions each year by promoting their activities to the other regions of Europe.

Two European regions were chosen for 2004, Madeira, (Portugal) and the German Speaking Community (Belgium.) In 2005 Piedmont (Italy) and Kiev (Ukraine) will be highlighted. In 2006 Vojvodina (Serbia and Montenegro) and Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). The initiative was started in Karelia (Russia) and Balearic Islands (Spain) in 2003. For more information: http://www.tery.org

Alpmedia: articles published here in French, German, Italian, Slovenian and sometimes English. visit http://www.alpmedia.net.

Kinship Conservation Institute (KCI) will invite 18 conservationists to participate in a month-long, paid fellowship in Bozeman, Montana, from May 31 to June 30, 2005. KCI is a rare, paid training opportunity for you to spend a month focusing on one environmental problem that your organization needs to resolve and come up with a market-based solution.
The application deadline is Feb. 1, 2005. The paid fellowship includes a $4,500 stipend, lodging and meals. You will be required to submit the following in an acceptable format for the on-line application

For more information and to apply on-line, visit their Web site at http://www.kinshipconservationinstitute.org - top


Mountain Forum's on-line library can be visited at http://www.mtnforum.org, includes Dax, T. 2002. Research on mountain development in Europe, Overview of issues and priorities. Thessaloniki seminar, 17-18 March 2002. Innovative Structures for the Sustainable Development of Mountainous Areas, ISDEMA Project.

New publication: All-European Study on Education for Democratic Citizenship Policies
The All-European Study gives a systematic description of Education for Democratic Citizenship (EDC) policies in the Council of Europe member states. Research was conducted in 2002 at national level, involving national EDC co-ordinators, practitioners and other stakeholders. In 2003 a group of experts produced five regional studies that were submitted for consultation to national authorities in member states with a final feedback given at the EDC Policy Seminar held in Strasbourg in September of the same year. The study contains recommendations and examples of good practice in EDC policy implementation. The recommendations could be particularly useful as providing ground for bridging the gap between policy and practice.
Authors: César Bîrzéa, David Kerr, Rolf Mikkelsen, Isak Froumin, Bruno Losito, Milan Pol, Mitja Sardoc, ISBN :   92-871-5608-5, Price :   13 / 20 $ + 10% postage from Council of Europe Publishing, Palais de l'Europe, 67075 Strasbourg Cedex, France,

Coyote magazine number 9 is now online at:
http://www.training-youth.net/site/publications/coyote/coyote09/index.htm and
http://tinyurl.com/4pn46, this edition has the theme of Human Rights Education.

Exploring the Environment site on Problem based learning, debates and  Problem Solving Strategies It develops both problem solving strategies and skills by placing students in the active role of problem solvers http://www.cotf.edu/ete/teacher/teacherout.html up - top

Sustainable Deveopment online library, a major online library of civil society documents that were produced in relation to the World Summit On Sustainable Development is launched. The libarary contains approximately 700 MB worth of documents. It is fully searchable. Each document is linked to the organisation that produced it, which can then be contacted for further information. You can access the documents at http://www.wssd-and-civil-society.org

Naturopa: a free journal from the Council of Europe, latest issue - the European Landscape Convention, next issue War and Heritage, go to http://www.coe.int, email christian.meyer@coe.int

Geography in the News: free learning resources, news and views at http:www.rgs.org

LTSN-GEES Information or resources on learning and teaching in geography, earth or environmental sciences can be obtained from the LTSN-GEES Centre http://www.gees.ac.uk/

Unlocking the archives of the RGS visit http://www.rgs.org - top

The HERODOT Web site has copy and links on Bologna, an explanation of the Declaration can be found at:

An article by Prof. Graham Gaie (University of Glasgow) may be of interest to UK colleagues, "The Bolgna Declaration - Does it concern UK Universities?

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Spring Day In Europe - register for the deabte on the European Constitution
More than 1100 schools and colleges have registered so far and Spring Day is gathering momentum over the next weeks. Tell schools about the event so they can be part of the huge Spring Day network supported by Spring teachers, local and national authorities, members of Parliament, etc. Register at the Spring Day Web site http://futurum2005.eun.org

Teacher training grants The Geographical Association present awards to attend their Annual conference in the UK (normally in April) If you are interested in applying for one of these, then contact Tony Binns, chair of the GA International Committee.

INLT Newsletter Issue 7 of the International Network for Learning & Teaching of
Geography in Higher Education (INLT) Newsletter is now available on the Web at http://www.glos.ac.uk/gdn/inlt/issue7.htm. Contents include:

A range of RGS-IBG grants for fieldwork and research are available from http://www.rgs.org/grants, or contact Grants Office, RGS-IBG, 1 Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AR, UK grants@rgs.org

Cultural Year of the Ten: Expansion broadens horizons http://www.kulturjahrderzehn.de/en/
From 4 May 04 to 4 May 05 the cultural year focuses on cultural issues from the ten new member countries of the EU. Western Europeans are invited to discover the wealth of the accession countries through dance, art, music, theatre, dialogues, entertainment and discussions. This initiative is funded by the German government and it aims at enhancing cultural awareness and overcoming mental blocks.


Conferences and Events 2005

12 - 15 January 2005, BETT Exhibition, technology and education, free event at Olympia London, register at http://www.bettshow.com

13 - 14 January 2005, Inter-City Relations within Contemporary Globalization, a colloquium at the University of Ghent, Belgoium providing a state-of -the-art overview of inter-city relations within contemporary globalization. For more information, contact Ben Derudder at ben.derudder@ugent.be.

13 -14 January 2005, Enterprise, Skills & Entrepreneurship: Enhancing the GEES Curriculum Event, Leeds, UK

27-28 January 2005, Enhancing Student Employability: Higher Education and Workforce Development - 9th Quality in Higher Education International Seminar, Birmingham, UK

28– 30 January 2005, Geography Teacher Educators’ Conference, Ranmoor Hall Sheffield, UK, contact Margaret Roberts margaret.roberts20@btinternet.com

21-23 February 2005, Web-based Education 2005 - The 4th International Association of Science and Technology for Development (IASTED) International Conference on Web-based Education, Grindelwald, Switzerland

28 February 28 - 3 March 2005, International Conference on Ecotourism Planning and Management, Uttaranchal, India, Contact: r.dowling@ecu.edu.au, bagri_sc@hotmail.com

17-20 March 2005, Courage, Imagination, Action: Rallying the Trendsetters in Higher Education - The American Association of Higher Education (AAHE) National Conference, Georgia, USA

31 March 2005 The Transition from School to University,Joint GA and JGHE event at the GA Annual Conference (30 March - 1 April), University of Derby, For further information, contact: :Paul.McDermott@northampton.ac.uk

31 March-1 April 2005, Geographical Association: Annual Conference
University of Derby, UK. There will be a special event on Europe and Enlargement Contact: ga@geography.org.uk and visit the GA Web site http://www.geography.org.uk for further information.

4-6 April 2005, CAL '05 - Virtual Learning?, University of Bristol

5-9 April 2005, AAG, Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, Denver, Colorado, USA

11 April 2005, Enhancing Student Success: the role of integrated support services Conference 2005, University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

14 - 17 April 2005 Mountain Huts - challenges for tourists and nature? Szklarska PorÄba (Poland). Call for papers. Conference cost 150-195 Euros per person. For further information e-mail or fax to: Michael Prochazka m.prochazka@nfi.at fax: ++43 1 8129789 or Piotr Dabrowski oapttk@eko-tourist.krakow.pl fax: ++48 12 4231697
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20-21 May 2005, Ecological Chemistry-2005, 3rd International Conference
Conference Hall of Academy of Science of Moldova, online registration: http://ecochem2005.mrda.md/register.php

26-28 May 2005, 8th AGILE Conference on GIScience, Estoril Congress Center, Estoril, Portugal, http://www.hellasgi.gr/AGILE8.html

30 May - 2 June 2005, GISPlanet, II conference and exhibition on geographic information, Lisbon, http://www.gisplanet.org/ 

30 May- 4 June 2005, CSCL Computer-supported Collaborative Learning 2005: The Next 10 Years!, Taipei, Taiwan

12-14 June 2005, Charting New Territory - AAHE Assessment Conference, Toronto, Canada

14 - 17 June 14 - 17, 2005, World Conference on Cooperative Education, debate and discuss the future of the educational phenomenon that is revolutionising the way we develop the global workforce of the 21st century -- work-integrated learning (WIL). Location, Northeastern University, Boston, USA. http://www.wace2005.neu.edu

20-23 June 2005, EDEN: Annual Conference for the European Distance and E-learning Network, Helsinki, Finland

23-26 June 2005, What a Difference a Pedagogy Makes: Researching Lifelong Learning & Teaching - Centre for Research in Lifelong Learning (CRLL) 3rd International Conference, University of Stirling, UK

June 2005 Green Week : Green Week 2004 intends to bring people together to debate, as a follow-up to the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg on key environmental issues of sustainable consumption and production, renewable energy and climate change and water. You can now register on-line at
http://europa.eu.int/comm/environment/greenweek/practical/practical_en.htm for the 2005 edition of Green Week!

2-6 July 2005, CBLIS 2005 - The 7th International Conference, Zilina, Slovakia, on Computer Based Learning in Science. More information about the conference with online registration form is available on the web site: http://cblis.utc.sk/

10-13 July 2005, Internationalising Entrepreneurship Education and Training Conference - 15th IntEnt Conference, University of Surrey, UK

17 - 24 July 2005 iEARN Conference, Dakar, Senegal. Watch http://www.iearn.org for more information, or login to the 2005 Senegal Conference Discussion Forum at: http://foro.iearn.org/.1dec18f9/

30 July - 8 August 2005, 3rd World Youth Congress, Scotland. Theme "Young People working together for a sustainable world community".  All applicants must be 18-25 years old on July 30, 2005 and will fall under four categories: Activists, Performers/Artists, and Young Journalists. For further details and an application form visit http://www.scotland2005.org

31 Aug- 2nd September 2005, RGS-IBG Anual Conference, Flows and Spaces in a Globalised World, London, UK

2 -5 September 2005 HERODOT International Conference to be held in Torun, Poland. FREE for HERODOT members. Registration Form click here (.rtf)
Please send completed initial registration forms by 20th February 2005 together with your proposed presentation title by e-mail to: pecha@geo.uni.torun.pl. Further information

24 - 25 September, 2005, Historical transhumance between the Alps and the Po-venetian plains, ASIAGO (VI), Italy.  Contact: michele.corti@unimi.it, http://www.sozooalp.it

1 - 5 October 2005, Open Science Conference: Global Change in Mountain Regions
, Perth, Scotland, UK, Contact: martin.price@perth.uhi.ac.uk, http://www.mountain.conf.uhi.ac.uk

October 2005, Festival of Geography at Saint-Die-des-Vosges,France. Included is Cafe Geography, exhibitions, round tables, and a special invited country To find out more visit http://www.ville-saintdie.fr or http://fig-st-die.education.fr

Schoolnet Conferences and Events Page
Upcoming conferences in the area of Education and Technology in Europe. Events listed chronologically at http://www.eun.org/events

Mountain Forum events at http://www.mountainpartnership.org/events/calendar.asp

If you have any news, are involved in events or are prepared to promote the network, then contact Karl Donert. up - top

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